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Register your schools eCanteen

Welcome to the eCanteen ordering system. eCanteen can be use by any Australian school to process student and staff orders. To allow your school community to use eCanteen you first need to register your canteen. Contact us to get your eCanteen setup.

eCanteen is an online order processing system for schools. It can be used on any device without the need for installation. It is mobile compatible as a free simple app from the website without any need of an app store. eCanteen allows operators to create menus, receive orders and monitor monthly, weekly and daily sales. eCanteen does not require the purchase of any special equipment, orders can be view and printed on any standard device and attached to the order. All payments received are securely processed instantly and paid into your bank account at the end of each week. No account creation or management is required as customers can sign up and manage their profiles independently.

Security and Payment

eCanteen provides customers with best practise security and convenience by linking to existing providers. Customers can sign up with a Facebook, Google or Microsoft Account, meaning that eCanteen never stores username or passwords and school users do not need to remember new account details.

eCanteen uses PayPal for all transactions making it easy to pay using a credit card or directly from a bank account. PayPal is not only secure but remembers payment details, so your school users don't need to enter their details every time.

Payment for all purchases are deposited directly into the canteen operators bank account on Sunday every week. Canteen operator can monitor weekly income and sales using integrated tools.


For All
  • Account integration with Google, Facebook and Microsoft
For School
  • Orders can be made for and by Parents, Students and Staff Members
  • No addition charge to school on top of yearly subscription
  • No advertising or marketing
  • View orders and profiles
  • Can with external canteen providers
For Canteen
  • Daily orders can be printed on a standard printer to be attached to order
  • All payment processing is complete by eCanteen and deposited in your account weekly
  • Create and manage your own menus
  • Configure order cut off times
  • Create specials and customise items availability by day of the week
  • Customise canteen open and closed days
For Parents, Students and Staff Members
  • Manage your own accounts and profiles
  • Make multiple orders for multiple people and days in a single transaction
  • Access easily access previous orders and copy them make a new order
  • Pay via credit card or bank account
  • Create specials and customise items availability by day of the week
  • Customise canteen open and closed days

Fees and Charges

10% of total purchase plus a 30 cent transaction fee paid by Parent, Student, or Staff Member.

To register your school you will need to provide eCanteen with the following details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Primary Contact Person
  • A bill with school details for verification

  • Name
  • ABN
  • BSB
  • Bank Account Name
  • Bank Account Number

Conditions of Use
  • Canteen operator is responsible for insurances and liabilities associated with the sale of food items.
  • The payment of GST on sold items.
  • Any refunds should be organised between the school and the buyer. Any refunded that is required to be processed by eCanteen will incur a $20 charge to the school.
  • Maintain canteen closure days
  • Provide the ordered items to customer or notify the custom if they are unable to complete order.